Why Use BokaFlo

Why Use BokaFlo?

BokaFlo—Helps Dentists Diagnose Xerostomia By
Measuring Saliva Flow

Why Use BokaFlo

Measuring Saliva flow is the gold standard for diagnosing xerostomia (dry mouth), a condition that affects 68 million Americans.

By objectively and precisely measuring saliva flow, BokaFlo is the first standardized test on the market to give dentists an accurate, reliable way to measure saliva flow.

BokaFlo is the only salivary flow rate tool that’s fast, easy to use, and accurate. You can measure a patient’s saliva flow in a little over 60 seconds—giving your patients the information they need to get treatment for xerostomia and oral health diseases.

How Does BokaFlo Work?

BokaFlo measures whole resting salivary flow in a little over 60 seconds.

Easy to Use

Step 1: The oral health provider places the BokaFlo disposable under the patient’s tongue collecting the saliva sample.


Step 2: The disposable is placed onto the BokaFlo patented base. The base then reads and measures the patient’s salivary flow rate using BokaFlo’s proprietary algorithm and database.

More Accurate & Convenient than Other Products

The Drool Test may be accurate, but it’s also awkward, inconvenient, and even embarrassing. Patients have to drool into a cup for several minutes.

Surveys can’t objectively measure salivary flow rate. That’s because surveys rely on self-reported data from patients, which is often unreliable or inaccurate.

The Visual Inspection may be too late; only recognizing the damage already caused by low salivary flow.

Saliva Gland Biopsies are painful, invasive, and expensive

FDA Registered & Proven to Work

BokaFlo is both FDA registered and clinically tested to accurately measure salivary flow rate.

Increased Patient Appointments & Revenue for Oral Health Providers

After diagnosis, many patients with xerostomia see their dentist more. These patients are more likely to seek out treatment to reduce xerostomia’s side effects (increased cavities and periodontal disease). They’re also more likely to get in-office preventive treatments like fluoride varnishes, calcium remineralization, and antifungal rinses, all the while promoting better oral health through these preventative measures.

“For oral disease, accurate measurement of salivary flow is like blood pressure.”


FDA Registered & Proven to Work

Insurance companies may offer reimbursement for the Bokaflo test, making our device a revenue-positive investment for your clinic.

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